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about us

Ayya Swamikal was the Guru of Sreenarayana Guru, Chattampi Swamikal, Ayyankali, Swayamprakasa Yogini, Swathy Thriunal, Raja Revi Varmma, A R Raja Rja Varmma, Petta Fernandus, Thakkala Peer Muhammed etc. For his disciples he was Sivaraja Yogi Ayya Swami Thiruvadikal, for people of Ananthapuri he was Thycaud Ayya for co-workers he was Suprand Ayya. He was the manager and later Superintendent of Thycaud Residency(1873-1909) and in record he was M. Subbaraya Panicker. For Malabar Collector and later resident Mc Griger he was Tamil Tutor

Our Guru

Shivaraja Yogi Thycaud Ayya Swamy Thiruvadikal

First and Great Social reformer of Kerala     (1814-1909)

Ayya had disciples from all castes ( Christians, Muslims, both upper and lower cast Hindus-Brahmins, Ezhavas, Kaniyan, Pulayas etc) from all levels of society, from hut to palace and both men and women and brahmacharins and family men. No wonder his doctrine was Inthe ulakathile ore oru jathy than, ore oru matham than, ore oru kadavul than. Sreenarayana Guru translated this doctrine to Malayalam (Oru jathy, oru matham, oru daivam). Ayya not only preached the slogan but also practiced it. Remember only an upper caste Hindu could make such a slogan and not a lower cast at that time. Ayya had to suffer the consequences. Upper class Hindus called Ayya Parayan/ Pandipparayan etc. Ayyas son Lokanatha Panicker has to approach the court to establish that his father belongs to upper caste Vellala

Who We are

Kerala Vellala Maha Sabha(KVMS) is the only organization in kerala representing vellala community which was started on September 21st 1957 at Ponkunnam, Kottayam Dist.
It has been registered under the Travancore Companies Act with Register No1/1959 as
The population of Vellala community in Kerala is around Twenty lakhs. The various names b which Vellala are known in Kerala are Saiva Vellala, Vellala Pillai, Nanjilnattu Vellala, Thenkasi Vellala, Karukatha Vellala, Chettii, Kumbhakonathu Vellala, Tuluva Vellala, Nattukotta chetty, Mudaliyar, Gounder, Kounder, Eraniel chetty, Pillai, Chetty Pillai, Chenkula Vellala, Vellala chetty etc.
Vellalas are mainly residing in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Idukki, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Kozhikodu Wayanad and kannur districts of Kerala. In other districts also Vellalas are found here and there. The orgin of Vellalas in different parts of kerala is by migration from the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu.